Advocate for healthy
Emotional & cultural 

With the Spring 2025 publication of Dog Love Stories: How My Dogs Taught Me to be a Better Human, Patricia will be available to speak on the warm and fuzzy topics of dog love and companionship and the challenging and sad topics around a beloved dog’s death. She will offer talks from bookstores to book groups to animal shelters (as she adopted most of her dogs) and more.

After publishing Being Mean: A Memoir of Sexual Abuse and Survival in Spring 2019, Patricia has spoken as an advocate for healthy emotional and cultural change around sexual abuse at bookstores, universities, libraries, and retreat centers; as well as to various non-profit groups, book groups, health care professionals, church groups, and in radio and podcast interviews.

Patricia has also led presentations at national conferences on the craft of memoirs and the value of journaling as a method to understand self and others.

Please contact Patricia and let her know the date, location, and topic/s you want her to cover at your upcoming event.

I wrote my memoir primarily to free my voice and to quit hiding.

The weight of secrets, silence and shame felt like anchors in my life. Silence is complicity: we can’t change what we refuse to speak about or learn about or listen to. Sharing what I’ve learned about sexual abuse and assault hopefully contributes toward changing these pervasive and destructive patterns.