Why carry our life stories forward? As women, our real stories can truly assist others. When stories are polished, chapters skipped or we acquiesce to shame, we deprive our sisters and brothers from successfully navigating their own journeys toward building resilience. Telling our true stories carries the possibility of not only helping ourselves heal and grow stronger, but assisting others as well. The journey of learning and healing can become bigger and better, for everyone.

Women of Resilience will be a series of books that hold inspiring stories about women willing to share how they learned courage and strength on their journeys. Each book will hold multiple stories of women from a particular geographical area who have been interviewed by Patricia. If you feel like a resilient woman, or know of a woman you believe is resilient who is willing to share her story to help others, please be in touch via the contact page on this site. The types of questions that follow will guide these interviews and the narratives that result from those conversations.

  1. What, where and when have there been central emotional shifts in your life?
  2. Do you feel you have ever kept yourself from moving forward in life, and how?
  3. Do you ever wear a mask, and if so, who are you when the mask comes off?
  4. Where in your life do you stay hidden, or have you stayed hidden?
  5. What stories and beliefs have held you back in your life?
  6. What, if any, obstacles have interfered with love in your life?
  7. What would you talk about or share about in your life if it didn't scare you to do so?
  8. How has shame, guilt, rage, and regret interfered with your wellbeing, if any of those have?
  9. How might you help others by being truthful about your life story?
  10. What is the inner story that runs through all your life stories?
  11. Who are you at this point in your life, why does it matter, and who could it help?
  12. How have you come to find integrity in your emotional life?
  13. How did you deepen purpose and meaning in your life?
  14. How has spiritual awareness and insight changed your daily perspective?
  15. If you could dare something to happen in your life, what would it be?

(many of these questions were posed to me by my writing coach, my therapists, and randomly collected from readings for my journaling practice)